Thursday, 22 July 2010

Eye-tal Grease Balls

 Hello all, sorry about the lack of posting over the last week. The reason being, we've been busy doing lots and lots of things, although, none which are worthy of mentioning in a blog which comments on practically anything. You get it.

  A friend introduced us to a new sub-culture known as Guido's. Luckily they don't exist here in Britain, at least not in their pure form. The best way to describe this scathing species in British context would be Chritiano Ronaldo meets club hero, with an Italian ancestry.


  There's a brilliant article over at Encyclopedia Dramatica which basically sums them up in the most filthy way possible, "they display the outward appearance of an oven roasted over-inflated Miami clubfag due to orange spray tan and glow in the dark teeth". yep, geddon!

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